Luke Newcomer

Luke Newcomer is an accomplished and experienced professional in the real estate industry, with a comprehensive understanding of market trends at both macro and local levels, specifically within Northeast Florida. Over the course of his seven-year career, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which has contributed to his success in the field.

As the co-owner and team lead of The Newcomer Group brokerage, Luke has been instrumental in facilitating over 1200 real estate transactions, amounting to more than $500 million in negotiated deals. His role involves overseeing a sales team of 15 agents and employees, where he emphasizes the importance of systems, culture, customer service, and adeptly navigating new markets.

One of Luke’s strengths lies in his ability to develop deep connections within his local market and community. These connections have not only propelled the exponential growth of his business, but have also allowed him to access numerous off-market opportunities. His network enables him to be aware of properties well before they hit the market, resulting in over $15 million in closed off-market transactions.

Luke’s dedication to his business is evident through his personal investments. He has reinvested millions of dollars back into his brokerage, allocating funds towards marketing, advertising, lead generation, consulting, clients, and his team. This investment ensures that his business continues to grow while giving his team a competitive edge in the local market.

In addition to his brokerage, Luke is a partner in a luxury vacation rental company, “Vidorra.” In this role, he has facilitated the onboarding of numerous high-end properties for management, along with consulting. Luke’s expertise in creating streamlined platforms has helped homeowners maximize their rental investments by ensuring high occupancy rates and increasing nightly rates.

Furthermore, Luke has built an impressive real estate portfolio valued at over $7 million. His portfolio comprises various property types, including single-family homes, multi-family units, commercial properties, and raw land. These properties are strategically acquired for both long-term and short-term vacation rentals, with a focus on maximizing equity and cash flow.

Luke’s commitment to exceeding investor expectations is one of his defining characteristics. His extensive knowledge, experience, and strong network in the real estate industry have positioned him as a reliable and successful professional in Northeast Florida.

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