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Northeast Florida including Jacksonville & St. Augustine are some of the hottest real estate markets in the country.  We’re fortunate enough to call this home and we’re dialed in to the neighborhoods and we’ve built the local relationships.  Here are some reason’s why Northeast Florida is a great place to invest in real estate:

  • Jacksonville is seeing tremendous growth.  According to the US Census Bureau’s 2020 Migration Report, Jacksonville was named the 5th ‘Most Popular City Moved To in 2019’.
  • Since 1982, Jacksonville’s house prices have risen 4.6% on average each year.  That’s roughly 25% more than average when looking at comparable cash flow markets.
  • Strong economy and well-paying jobs are attracting new residents.  We have some great employers who have a large presence in the area or call Northeast Florida home including Florida Blue, Ring Power, Northrop Grumman, CSX Transportation, PGA Tour, Flagler Health and more.
  • Year-round tourist destination – Miles and miles of picturesque beaches, beautiful historic neighborhoods, great coastal cuisine, boating, fishing, surfing and a vibrant arts scene all paint the picture of life in Northeast Florida.  It’s no wonder that we’re a year-round tourist destination.
  • Reasonably priced real estate compared to other major cities in Florida.  When you compare our real estate prices to those in Miami, Tampa & Ft. Lauderdale we’re very reasonably priced.  
  • Robust healthcare and higher education community

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