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Adira Capital is setting the industry standard delivering superior returns to investors through our real estate fund. Since 2020, our management team has sold over 9,000 units valued at over $3.5 billion through our real estate brokerages. On top of that, our partners have created personal real estate portfolios exceeding 36 million in value, a combination of both residential and commercial properties. Leveraging experience, relationships & processes, there is nobody in a better position to source, purchase, renovate & manage the best real estate investments in Northeast Florida.

"We receive over a hundred inbound leads per day from buyers and sellers. We've built the relationships, we have the leads, there is nobody in a better position to source the best investments before they hit the market."

DJ  Dellasala

Partner, Adira Capital

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Anastasia Isles

IRR: 19%


Funding Amount: $3,500,000

Funding Closes: 08/31/2024

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214 10th Street

IRR: 13%


Funding Amount: $525,000

Funding Closes: 11/11/2023

Fully Funded - View Details

128 Anastasia Lodge

IRR: 12%


Funding Amount: $675,000

Funding Closes: 07/31/2023

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Our Team Is What Differentiates Us.

We believe real estate investing is the greatest opportunity for wealth building. But not every real estate fund can deliver on their promises. Here's what makes us different:

  • Our leadership team has sold over 9,000 units valued at over $3.5 billion dollars since 2020

  • We already receive thousands of inbound leads monthly

  • We've built the relationships to ensure a deals success

  • We have experience in business management & leveraging technology automation

  • We have a strong background in marketing

  • We contribute our own capital to every deal

  • We always put our investors first

It's a well oiled machine

We're Vertically Integrated

Source Deals

Purchase & Close

Renovate & Improve

Ongoing Management

There's a lot that goes into real estate investing. From finding the deal, to closing on it, to renovation design & construction management, to leasing/renting, ongoing management & maintenance and finally an eventual exit. We've spent the last ten years becoming vertically integrated at almost every level. This allows us to have control of the progress, accurately calculate expenses, and maximize returns. Our leadership team owns the brokerages, are partners in the closing & title company, handle either in-house or have close partnerships with contractors, and are majority shareholders in our ongoing management company. With all these pieces in place, our investors can rest assured that they chose the right team to see a project through from acquisition to exit.

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