Cabe Nolan

Cabe has a technology & marketing background as owner of Bold City Design.  He’s been in software development and creating SaaS businesses for the last 10 years.  During that time period, Cabe has developed & successfully marketed two automated SaaS businesses both bringing in six figure net incomes.

On top of that, Cabe has helped numerous businesses with sophisticated web/software development projects helping automate time consuming tasks to save costs and better organize their business.  Cabe also assists businesses with online marketing campaigns with a strong understanding of analytics and ROI.

Cabe has a strong attention to detail, is able to multi-task with ease and brings a sense of organizational skills when it comes to running a business.

Cabe and his wife Brittany got started in real estate investing with a duplex purchased in Neptune Beach, FL which they renovated & lived in half of as they learned the art of house-hacking.  Since then, they have purchased an additional single-family home which they rent long-term and own two short term rentals.

At Adira Capital, Cabe assists with financial modeling for prospective properties, day-to-day operations, construction management, our technology platform, & digital marketing/branding.

Always eager to learn and expand his knowledge, Cabe holds a private pilots license and a maritime captains license.

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